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Graphic Design

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Creating your brand identity is about your company values as much as it is about a great logo. It’s the voice of your company and how world see’s your company. Think of all the major brands you can instantly recognise, you know the attitude and message they give to their customers.

We work closely with our clients to learn about their business as well as their customer base, so that we can understand who they want to talk to as an audience and how to best capture their company ethos culture and personality, in a visual format. We then have our highly experienced design team create the perfect branding, to communicate to the world your vision and values.

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Graphic Design
Website Design

Website Design

Website Deisgn :: Hosting :: Responsive :: Maintenance :: Automation

Your website needs to be as unique as your business, this is why we do not use templates. All our websites are bespoke hand coded designs. From the initial meeting to the go live day and beyond we will work with you to produce something that looks great, reflects your brand, and gives you the edge against your competitors.

But our services don’t stop there. With SEO included in the price, we’ll continue to look after your website as it makes its first steps in the World Wide Web. You can call us whenever you like if you need help with changing content, setting up Google Adwords, getting website statistics, or just need some advice.

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API Connections

Salesforce :: PeopleHR :: Facebook :: eBay

APIs allow two applications to communicate with one another to access data. Every action you take on your phone, like sending a message or checking the score of a football game, uses an API to access and deliver that information.

We offer many different API connections, from taking data from your products database and adding the products to your eBay or Amazon Shops, to pulling data from your online HR database to report from.

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API Connections

Recent API Projects

eBay API Connections
Salesforce API Connections
Facebook Connections

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